If you can imagine kids in daycare or school, dogs can be susceptible to prevailing health issues too. Though it would seem kids can come home with a myriad of bugs, there are only a handful of things you should be on the lookout for with your dog when they frequent the dog park or the daycare.

What does “Sadie’s” do to keep our facility healthy?

Your dog’s yearly list of vaccines will protect against the most serious diseases like Rabies, Parvo, & Distemper, you will also require Kennel Cough (Bordatella) every 6 months. Monthly parasite preventatives are mandatory for all dogs. Products such as Advantage Multi, or Revolution are indicated for all common parasites and are available from your veterinarian.

We do ask that all dogs finish their “Daily Business” before entering the daycare. This helps us keep the cleaning to a minimum and reduces exposure. Also, in the event there is an accident, all messes are cleaned as they happen.

We use a disinfectant that is used by veterinary clinics and has been proven to kill both the bacteria and the viruses of all of the diseases your dog is routinely vaccinated for. All of our water bowls are stainless steel and are cleaned and disinfected daily. All surfaces that the dogs come in contact with through the course of the day, both inside and outside are disinfected daily. This includes kennels and hammock beds.

Dogs that are exhibiting any symptoms when they arrive are not admitted and asked to be checked by a veterinarian prior to returning. If a dog exhibits any symptoms throughout the course of the day, they are removed from the group and we ask that the owner please pick them up immediately.

All dogs attending the daycare have gone through an extensive behavioral assessment to evaluate their temperament. Our team has been trained to recognize the escalation of aggressive behavior and to break up the most serious of disagreements. All staff members have had first aid training.

The most common health issues are…
Kennel Cough
Canine Warts
Canine Lice