Class Sizes: 6-8 dogs
Duration: 7 weeks. We start with a 90-minute Seminar, followed by six weekly one-hour classes with your dog.
Cost: $229.99 + GST

More than just “sit” & “down”, teach your dog valuable life skills to help them become a well-mannered K9 Citizen! Set the foundation for training by learning the basics of canine communication and relationship building.

This class will show you how to work with your dog to understand their behaviors and set realistic goals that best fit your lifestyle!

• Dogs must be 16 weeks of age or older
• Must have proof of current Rabies, Canine Combo and Bordetella vaccinations
• Disruptive dogs are not suitable for group class and may be excused if behavior is not manageable.

• Fundamentals of Canine Communication and Body Language
• Address common issues such as: manners, separation anxiety, crate training, excessive barking, working with distractions, etc.
• Focus & Impulse Control
• Sit
• Down
• Stand
• Wait
• Stay
• Release
• Leash Manners
• Greeting people & dogs • Drop-it
• Recall
• Visual and Verbal Cues

Each Basics session begins with a seminar. Check our class calendar to find the seminar date that works for you!

Please call to register prior to making payment via PayPal, (780) 756-0432

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