Class Sizes: 4-8 dogs
Duration: 6 weeks. We start with a 90 minute Seminar, followed by five weekly one hour classes with your puppy.
Cost: $189.99 + GST

Socialization is a crucial part of canine development; set your puppy up for lifelong success by starting good habits early!
This class will give you a better understanding of canine communication, helping to ensure early socialization experiences are positive. Practice polite greetings, appropriate play and basic manners in a safe and controlled environment!

• Puppies up to 18 weeks of age
• Must have proof of two sets of Canine Combo Vaccine and the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination
• Open to puppies of all sizes

• Making socialization safe and positive for young dogs
• Recognizing the difference between appropriate and inappropriate interactions with other dogs and people
• Introduction to basic training cues- focus, sit, down, recall, and walking on leash
• Fundamentals of Canine Communication and Body Language
• Address common puppy issues: separation anxiety, house training, crate training, mouthing, manners, etc.
• Identify and work with different dog personalities (shy, fearful, assertive, anxious, excited, etc.)

Each Kindergarten session begins with a seminar. In order to focus on what will be presented, please, do not bring your dog.

Please call to register prior to making payment via PayPal, (780) 756-0432

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